Peter Morgan

English, Media & Cultural Studies student. Dublin, Ireland.

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Summer in Azerbaijan, Winter in Qatar: Imperial Games and The Politics of Sport

The quality of human rights has been criticised with regards to many major international sporting events in recent years. This article begins with this subject matter before continuing to examine the links between sport, politics, and imperialism, with particular emphasis on three events: The 2022 Winter Olympic Games; The 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan; and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

“CHINA LIES, TIBET DIES” was chanted outside the offices of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland on Wednesday, June 10th. A small but effective group of protestors intervened in what was the final bidding process for the hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The city of Almaty in Kazakhstan is the only remaining bid opposing that of Beijing, China, and while the latter is retaining its position as the favourite to be named hosts, these Tibetan and Chinese voices...

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The Future of Sports Critique: Deconstructing Popular Perceptions & A Movement Towards Asking New Questions

This article is part book review, part manifesto. It aims to act as a catalyst for changing the dominant modes of sports criticism; the way sport is perceived by the majority of its fans and by those who condemn it.

We all know someone who adores sport; who cherishes the adrenaline of competing and the drama of fandom. We also know someone who hates sport; for its contemptuous, rich superstars and its repetitive, never-ending nature. In essence, we all know sport. It’s omnipresent in society; a global phenomenon that is in your life through constant media reports and analysis, if not through active participation in a particular discipline. Thus, regardless of your personal opinions on sport, it cannot be denied its status as a vast area of public life.

The majority of writings on sport appear to be critiques of particular athletes, teams, leagues, or competitions. Indeed, there has...

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Kanye West vs. The Media

Note: Those who are approaching this piece with an already formulated dislike or contempt for Kanye West would benefit from watching this two-part speech, either before or after they read this, which will undoubtedly show him in a different light to the one you are used to.

part 1:

part 2:

This article will attempt to detail the ways in which the mass media works extremely hard to consistently report on Kanye West in the most controversial and (more often) trivial manner. It will also seek to illustrate that this is done in order to actively discourage anyone other than dedicated music critics and fans from taking him, his ideas, and even his celebrated musical output seriously and, more importantly, of conducting a serious critique and dissection of the political, social, and economic messages of...

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